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I've gone to JiffyLube for years but recently I decided to start doing my own oil changes. It's really not that difficult, and with 3 cars in the house it will save me a bunch of cash.

Anyway, I was all set to change the oil in one of the cars and could NOT for the life of me get the oil pan drain plug unscrewed. I ended up stripping the bolt trying to remove it.

Took the car to JiffyLube (where the oil was last changed) and they wanted to charge me to remove the plug!!! I asked if the plug had been torqued to manufacturer's specs, and his response was "We don't use torque wrenches, we just tighten them up". This prompted a HUGE argument as to whether or not I was gonna pay for them to remove it.

I ended up calling the district manager and he forced the store to pull and replace the plug at no charge.


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