So yesterday I went to the jiffy lube on 181 and Glisan in gresham store number 2527 for a routine oil change. Although I had heard bad reviews in the past, I have used there services before and never had anything happen, until yesterday.

As soon I showed up, they did come to my car immediately, plus. But when I went inside, they did not check me in until my services was almost over, negative. Going through what had been done and what need to be done. After a lot of yeses and nos I was out of there.

After about 5 minutes of driving my car had trouble accelerating but picked back up to normal after about 30seconds. I stopped somewhere for a bit then continue on my way. I started up my car and it made a funny sound, so I turned it off then back on and did the same thing, so I let it idle then once again my car had trouble accelerating. And now no more then 24 hours later my service engine light is on.

So *** jiffy lube! I know you did something to my truck.

And I'm definitely not bringing it back to you to try and figure out what's wrong. So here I come Nissan dealership.

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This is for the mechanically challenged person that need a new engine. how would a car drive for 2 weeks with no oil.

i just want to know what school did you go to. they must have special education for people just like you.


It seems so easy for a *** person like you to make that judgement. its not the NO's that they care about its the education that they give you.

if you service your vehicle when you are supposed to usually things dont go wrong.

people like you are the ones that this world hates. always finding things wrong with everyone but yourself.


I bought a used car and took it to this same JL for an oil change. Six weeks later my engine blew up.

My mechanic says JL put no oil in my car!!! They owe me a new engine and a rental car, and you better believe I'll be collecting.

Marathon Shores, Florida, United States #322217

Jiffy Lube is a Joke, NEVER NEVER NEVER GO THERE. They Lie cheat and steal.

Their business would not survive if they did honest work. Its just not that kind of business model they need qty over quality.


Jiffy Lube is the worst place ever to take your car. These clowns are not mechanics of course, and in rushing through each service, they end up screwing up something quite often.

Now, you'll have to pay Nissan to fix Jippy Screw's screw up. Jippy Screw is a cesspool and people in their right mind know never to go there.

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