Went to new Jiffy Lube in Tempe, AZ for an oil change and never again. Maybe they changed the oil and filter, but I don't know what they did, except ruined my brakes.

As I drove away there has been a noise coming from the wheels and especially when I hit the brakes. Now I need to get my brakes repaired.

If Jiffy Lube wants to stay in business, maybe all employees need to take classes of how to treat the customers with ethics and respect and not to takes classes of how to take advantage of them.

Well, it is back to changing my own oil again. Hello AutoZone,goodbye Jiffy Lube.

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At our jiffy lubes they have cameras so you can watch in lobby. jiffy lube does absolutely nothing with brakes.


what we have here is another example of somebody who knows nothing about cars, and just assumes that the last person who touched their car is at fault.

I see people like you everyday in my shop.

You act like you know exactly what your vehicle needs but yet you get confused and angry when something breakes that could have been prevended with simple maintance... Clearly your brakes were going bad and you just assume that because Jiffy Lube worked on your car last, they must have did something, even though they don't do anything with brakes.


How did they mess up your brakes? Jiffy Lube does nothing with breaks......

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