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My husband and I went to Jiffy Lube on Saturday Feb 2nd. We wanted a basic, cheapest oil change.

I have a 95 Honda Civic, look rough around the edges, but in excellent running and mechanical condition. My husband and I maintain all our cars ourselves, not to mention we just had it re-licensed so EVERYTHING was new and rotated, except oil. Anyway...we pull up and tell the kid we want a basic, cheapest oil change. A few minutes later another guy calls us out to his little booth...away from where everyone can hear on purpose, I'm sure.

He starts giving us the schpeel. Fast talk, slick d!ck car salesman including a fancy little slideshow with animations on his computer. I immediately thought how tacky it was. Bright colors, animated simulations of engine cranking and transmissions and don't forget graphs with exclamation points and danger zones to make you think your car is in danger of everything possible.

He starts off by asking what kind of oil we wanted. My husband told him, cheapest most basic change. He then starts going off on the age of our car with over 299,000 miles that's on it and the engine, needing 'extra protection' and better oil. I said we had just changed the engine two years ago and that it's fine and once again said we wanted a basic change.

The mileage doesn't reflect the motor or drive train. We drive thousands of miles a year, so we make sure to maintain all that. Then he tried undermining me saying, "Well, we checked the oil and you were down 3 quarts." My husband and I looked at each other with a raised brow and kind of chuckled. He said, "I checked before we left the house and it was only down 1/2 quart.

You checked the oil right after turning it off. The dip stick won't read right." My car only holds 3.5 quarts. So it must have been running on magic for the last thousand or more miles. This was getting annoying in the first 20 seconds being suckered by this guy.

Very quickly it seemed they were acting like my car rolled right out of a wrecking yard. He then continued with the script. He told us our high third brake light was out. I though, "Hmm, that could be a possibility." So we asked how much.

They wanted 9$ for a freaking bulb!! "No thanks." I said. I think he knew the answer and continued before I could shut my mouth, "You have a rock chip in your windshield would you like us to repair that?" Of course, No! We had just got a new windshield a couple days before.

As a matter of fact, we just took the tape off before going to Jiffy Lube. Another 'no', darn. So now he says, "There is also a small tear in the driver side wiper blade,which can cause visual...blah blah blah. Would you like us to replace that for you?" I said, "What?!

Those are brand new, that's a load of dump." I'm really not one to get snarky, but this guy was prying and prying. My husband could tell I was getting annoyed and knowing there was nothing wrong with the blades he asked, "How much would that be?" The guy said "14.99 but I can take a couple dollars of for you." My husband said "Nah. We just want the oil change, that's it." The 'technician' then continued on with the engine part of the orientation. He started going off on manufacture "recommendations" which in my opinion are just another form of statute of limitations and in most cases, preference and nothing more.

With a car with so many miles and mix and match parts and two mechanics that know what works and what doesn't..its fine. I know he's just doing his job and feeding us the script he has to memorize, but come on! THEEEN he flips the screen to the transmission and fluids and what not saying it's important they change the transmission fluids, I started tuning him out about that time because we just put a new transmission in it and know the fluids are full and just fine. We turned down the transmission work only to be offered a tire rotation.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO! Please just give us the effing oil change!!! We were sent back into the waiting room and we were only in there for about 30 seconds....which remind me I should check to even see if they changed the filter. Last time they didn't and over filled my oil by 1.5 quarts!

They said we were ready to go. The guy checking us out mentioned out of the blue that our oil was low 'only .5 quart'. My husband said, "I know, the other guy said it was down 3 quarts which is impossible. I wouldn't have made it here if that's the case." I get the feeling that first guy realized we weren't *** and had the guy mention it so it wasn't so embarrassing for him.

By the way, nowhere to be seen. I said, "Well out of anyone I would say you guys would know not to read the dip stick right when you turn the car off. That's why you hear everyone complain about overfilled oil." He said, "Yeah." Intelligent response. Thank you.

We gave them out money and walked out to the car. Out of curiosity I stepped on the brake pedal and told my husband to check the lights. They were fine! There was no light out!

Then I took a nice long look at my wiper blades...flawless as suspected. Then we did a thorough inspection of the windshield...perfect. Brand new, not one pit in it. I was SO IRRITATED!

If I wasn't in a hurry and pissed off, I probably would have gone inside and said something. Anyway, it probably doesn't sound as bad as I'm making it, but it was. I don't expect someone to know what I've done to maintain my car. I don't expect them to know how much a 'girl' knows about cars.

The thing that bugged me the most was we were being treated like suckers, or like we were incompetent. I know there are people out there who don't know anything about their cars and get ripped off all the time. It made me mad to think that all those people in the waiting room, how many of them were given the same story and fell for it. I don't like this new thing they do where they take you in a private room and try and sell you stuff.

Where's the genuine service in that? What happened to all the REAL mechanics? The ones who know the color of your car just by the smell?! I hate how impersonal, scripted and forced it is.

It's so awkward. It's like a girl scout, telemarketer, and a scam artist all jammed in one. I only go there in the winter when it's cold I my husband and I don't want to work on the cars.

I think I'll tough it out from now on. Jiffy Lube sucks.

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Monetary Loss: $43.

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Jiffy Lube does not employ mechanics. The employees they do have are paid barely above minimum wage and unless things have changed, they earn commission on upselling.


Just because the jiffy lube you went to wasn't good. Doesn't give you the right to rip on the company as a whole.

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