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On March 18, 2014 I went to Jiffy Lube in Lakewood, CO for an oil change. At that time, I was told by the customer service person rep in the shop that I also needed my front and rear diff fluid changed as well as my transmission fluid. I was given a sheet that listed when these services were due that says "manufacturer recommendations."

I opted to have the oil change and the front and rear differential done at that time. I said to the customer service rep that checked me in "Do they know what they are doing with the differential? I know on a Subaru it can be tricky." He said yes, they knew what they were doing. I said "ok, because my husband has told me it's confusing." He assured me again they knew what they were doing.

The next day, March 19, I was driving from my home in Lakewood, Co to Cheyenne, WY for work. I was heading north bound on I-25 when my AT Oil Temp light came on. I immediately pulled over and shut the car down, letting it cool off. While it was cooling, I looked up the closest Jiffy Lube which was store #17 in Ft Collins, CO. I drove straight there.

I explained to the customer service rep what had happened and showed him the pages I received the day before showing the work done and work recommended. He said we would ask them to check the diff fluid and said they could do the transmission fluid change. I agreed to have that done, based on the recommendations given to me the day before.

He assured me the tech checked the differential fluid and they were fine. The tech then changed the transmission fluid.

On Saturday, March 22, my family was driving the Subaru West on I70 and at around 8:30-8:45pm when suddenly I saw my mpg indicator shoot all the way up and noticed that when I pushed down on the accelerator it was working. I immediately started pulling over to the shoulder. At some point during the initial noticing of the mpg surge and before I came to a complete stop, there was a thunk. We pulled over as far as we could onto the shoulder and put the car into park. The car was still running, but when put into drive, it would not move.

We called for the nearest tow truck in the nearest town which was Green River, Utah. Our main concern was that I had 3 children sitting in a car on the side of a freeway with no lights, no buildings around and semi trucks speeding past at 80mph. We were able to have the car towed (and us transported) to 1st Choice Auto in Green River. River. We stayed at a hotel that night in Green River.

During this tow (and possibly the next) my car's skid plate was scratched and the front bumper was damaged. There is yellow paint and scratches that were not there previously. We know it was not there because my husband regularly checks my car for leaks because I drive so much.

Since 1st Choice Auto could not service this 2012 Subaru, we arranged to have the car towed to Grand Junction Subaru. The nearest Subaru dealer. We had to hire a shuttle to take us to Grand Junction to rent a car. There was nothing open on Sunday to wait for the car to be repaired.

The car was towed to Grand Junction Subaru and upon doing the initial inspection, they discovered the front differential was empty and now the CVT transmission needs to be replaced. Further, I found out that my transmission fluid should NOT have been replaced until 100,000 miles. The "manufacture's recommendations" given to me were wrong.

I am now out:

$200 initial tow

$200 shuttle service to Grand Junction

$387 car rental

$525 second tow

$241 for the transmission fluid change that did not need to be done for another 40,000 miles


PLUS the initial estimate of $8855 (attached) to repair the car. PLUS the damage done to the skid plate/bumper.

More than $10,000 damage because the front differential fluid was not filled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jiffy Lube Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $10408.

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I had the same exact thing just happen to me. Did they fix it?

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #811003

did you call corp office if so what did they say jiffy lube broke my studs off my rim and when i called they said the last person to rotate my tires must have bent them and jiffy lube wasnt responsible for the damage even though i was there when they broke it.....

Dallas, Texas, United States #802022

Believe me when i say i believe every word you speak.I was shopping at the Walmart on I-30 in Dallas,Texas right.I leave Walmart and Get on ST.Frances and here is this Jiffy Lube right there right.So i pulled in and Inquired about an oil change right.Now i have never had a problem with an oil leak before because i take very good care of my vehicle right.Why?In the *** did this attendant come to me and State you have an oil leak right.I stated if i do you just caused the leak because i did not have an oil leak before i got here right.This F--- told me it should be no problem for you to have it fixed because of all the gold i had on.Number one what i have on is non of his dam business and Two he will not make a dime off of me.Just because i am a woman i do know my vehicle and What it needs. As i stated i take very good care of my vehicle.These people have a lot of nerve.I never went back to jiffy lube and I did not have an oil leak because i carried my vehicle to the chevrolet dealership and The attendant straight out lied just because he thought he could make some extra money off me.Not so.

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