Air Filter Scam-

I had an oil change done at the Longview,WA 15th ave location in July.While I was waiting there one of the men who works there called me over and showed me my air filter out of my car.

It was black, dirty and broken in half on the side. He said he had one in stock for $39.95 but would drop the price for me today to $29.95. I knew that was a rip off because I always buy them at walmart for around $12. I told him to that same dirty one back into my car and I would buy one elsewhere.

He said no problem. Right after they were done I went to walmart and bought the $12 air filter and brought it home for my husband to replace. My husband showed me the air filter out of my car and asked me where it was broken at? I said that is NOT the one that they showed me at jiffy lube and it was a different color on the outside.

The one I always buy is Tram and it's orange and the one they showed me was black. Also when the guy at Jiffy Lube was showing me my nasty air filter he said, "well this is what you are breathing on the inside of your car when you have the air on". I told my husband this and he explained to me otherwise.

I'm so mad at Jiffy Lube.I will never return there or to any other location again.


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They are still at it in Feb 2018


This girl is retarded. I hate jiffy lube but the tech probably showed you the cabin air filter and your husband just checked the engine air filter. Your car probably has 2 "air filters" one under the hood and one behind the glove box

Houston, Texas, United States #860820


They just did this to my wife here in Houston....

A 20 filter retail....Life is full of these Bohica tactics..

Bend over here it comes again....

And yes I read all the comments .....

defending these tactics...

However a smart franchise owner might approach their customers a little different. I come from a long line of mechanics going all the way back to Mormon motor cars, Esexx Motor Cars... yes that would be around 1919.... Gouging a repeat customer is never good business...

I think these folks here just lost a customer...Regards,

Wentzville, Missouri, United States #765175

My husband recently had a similar incident.During an oil change they told him he needed a new air filter and cabin air filter which together would cost $80.

That seemed a little high so he bought his own for a total of $12.

When he looked at the old filters in his car the cabin air filter looked on slightly dirty and the air filter not at all.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #703847

Most vehicles have an additional filter in the dash for the air you breath in the car

Did your husband check that filter ?

Also the cabin filters average about 25 dollars

You might have been to quick to judge

to Anonymous Wentzville, Missouri, United States #765176

Go online and you can find those filters very cheap and they are super easy to install.Even I, a 63 year old woman with no mechanical experience, can install one and have for years.

Don't overpay at Jiffy Lube (or elsewhere, for that matter).

Plano, Texas, United States #686603

First, he was talking about your AIR CABIN FILTER, and you're talking about your ENGINE'S AIR FILTER (you meant FRAM). Two different things.

San Diego, California, United States #604236

I have receipts for three invoices telling me I needed a new air filter.The fourth time I bought one and waited for the guy to come over with the black air filter to sell.

He did and I gave him the box with the new one. Low and behold he comes back and says my filter is fine and in fact it is the factory blue seal still intact. The receipts I hold show that they recommeded a new one and customer declined.

I knew they just carried around some black used air filter saying to all it was cars owerers filter.Scam.

San Diego, California, United States #593578

Well you see that's because he showed you your cabin air filter, not the air filter to your engine.So yes you do breath that air in.

You changed the wrong filter.Why don't you learn a thing or two about cars before you go cry wolf about a scam that didn't happen.


I work at a local quick lube shop and have worked at Jiffy Lube before.I can tell you that unless you drive a diesel truck or mercedes or some other kind of specialty or oddball vehicle that an engine air filter costs less than $20 installed at ANY lube shop.

The cabin air filter costs anywhere from $40-$60 installed depending on the car, and as for the person that called the dealer and got a quote for $18 on the cabin filter, have fun when you get there and they charge a minimum hour labor to install it. At least that's what the local dealers around here in Central Florida do . . .

Also consider that you are always going to pay more at a place like Jiffy Lube that has convenience built into their price point as well as quality products like Shell, Pennzoil, CAMS2, etc. Maybe your check engine light is on? every quick lube I have ever been to or heard of will check it for free and do a diagnostic. Have fun paying $89.99 at Tire Kingdom or Sears or the dealer for the same service that takes 3 seconds to do with a scanner that costs less than $200.

The moral of the story is that any shop will rip you off and some Jiffy Lube shops do it too. But for the most part, local small shops and Jiffy Lube stores are going to be your best bet. Anyone that thinks the dealer is your best bet . .


well, have fun.Usually they're the worst as far as getting ripped off or paying too much.

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