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nothing but problems with engine and transmission. I finally decided to change the oil after it was rather sticky even though it didnt require it. Found a much smaller oil filter installed on my 2005 Pacifica. Manager states that his Pennzoil rep said this is the proper oil filter for my car.

You can clearly see in the photos the one they are using is a big difference in size. I also have a photo showing his computer and what it tells him about what filter to use. Says they dont carry the other, only Puralator / Pennzoil which is smaller even having a different code of 19.

whats up with this picture ?? How do I recover damage to my engine ? thanks - 2lv0412@gmail.com

Review about: Jiffy Lube Oil Change.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Here's the thing. All else being equal, a larger filter allows retaining more oil pressure at the same filtration level due to more filter area.

However, your engine is not large enough to need a filter that big.

For years I've seen engines that displacement running on smaller filters for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Could it cause a little increase in wear? Yes, your car engine might wear out a week sooner, long after you'd swapped out that filter for another several unless it was already nearly dead and would have died no matter what filter you used.

Friendswood, Texas, United States #1271055

The fact that you had an HM16 which is for HIGH MILEAGE vehicles tells the story of why you really had engine issues!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1176881

Different oil filter companies use different size oil filters. It makes no diff what size and as long a sits installed properly, it will not harm your engine


I looked this up on line - easy to do.

Pennzoil PZ-19 is indeed the correct Pennzoil filter for your car. The physical outside diameter is not relevant.


Sounds like their was something wrong with your vehicles' engine before hand.And now you're trying to get the garage to replace it for free. I've worked in auto repair for years and have heard of people trying things like this all the time.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #896847

Before you do anything, reading the screen shot and looking at the filter, as well as comparing the diameter of the rubber gasket (this is what seals the filter, not the outside diameter of the filter) it appears to me that the filter was the correct application. If you wish to verify elsewhere, there are any number of website where you can find out all filter manufactures and which filter is recommended for your particular vehicle.

Check them thoroughly.

Chances are you will find the filter is correct and that you may have other issues with your vehicle. If you find that the incorrect filter was installed then you may have a case.


Wow. Your a dousch.

Contact Purolator directly to confirm that the pz19 oil filter is correct application, they produce it for shell oil company, who owns pennzoil which in turn owns the jiffy lube brand. So in reality that pz19 is a purolator oil filter. People like you are the reason america is in trouble.

Always out to blame or "recover damages". What a joke.

to someone who knows #1364821

So what you're really saying is they deliberately made an extra cheap little filter to swap in place of the normal factory size filter to maximize jiffy lube profits. Sure they'll say it's the "correct application" because they deliberately made a downsized filter for that purpose.

It is not correct to make a filter smaller than the OEM.

There is no reason to do so besides profit margins at the owner's expense. Granted, that expense is slightly sooner engine wear, not a recent failure that can be blamed on filter choice unless it were defective.

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