had my oil changed at the stanwood wa store. Drove to the grocey store and then to pick up my wife at the doctor my wife went to the car ahrad of me and started the car.

When I got there I noticed the oil light was on I shut off the engine, got out and saw all my oil on the pavent.. Never heard frpm anyone aboit the incident. I will never use jiffy lube or recommend them tl anyone.

When I called thr manager it took five minutes for him to even remember me. I am very disapointed in their customer service.mK hI

Review about: Jiffy Lube Oil Change.

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What all these suspect places should do is allow the customer to be there with them so you could see it is done right or tell them to go get a cup of coffee, i will take care of it.

Maybe they are not all bad ,but i will never know because my vehicle wont allow me near establishments like that.


Never, ever trust a fast oil change place to do a good job. I change my own oil all the time so I know it is done correctly. You must remember the caliber of people who work at these places-------they may be brighter than the average WalMart worker, but not by much!!

If anyone has someone else change their oil, you need to check the plug and filter for tightness ASAP after it is done.

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