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First Story, I posted on Tuesday June 14-11

I, like most, ran into Jiffy Lube because I was preparing for a road

trip and couldn't make an appointment with a more respectable company.

So I got into all this trouble, just to save time. Hindsight, right.

Well on Saturday, I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, they ran my

car into their service bay, and in a few minutes a "salesman" came in

with filters in his hands, and said "these need to be changed, these two

are completely blocked and the other, it needs to be changed out also,"

he didn't quote prices or anything, I should have asked, but told him to

get it done, I had to be somewhere else in 1 hour. So when completed, I

was called to the desk, and was in shock, when an oil change and these

filters were $174.00. What in the world costs $174.00, did you put

liquid gold in there. I figured about $30.00 for the oil change, and

maybe another $30 for the filters, $60.00 right. Well ma'am you added

the high mileage oil, and there was ... and then the filters, so that's

$174.00. OK do you give military discounts, well; I can work with you,

how about $153.00, that's a $21.00 discount. Well, I guess that's

better. I paid the bill, got my ticket, and left. On the way to my

next errand, I heard this terrible groaning upon acceleration and a

whine when I start my car. I talked to my husband who is out of state

right now, and he said take it back tomorrow. Sunday they are closed,

so Monday after work I went back to the Jiffy Lube and tried to explain

to the guy who waited on me, and asked him to ride with me and hear the

noise. He said OK, and when my back was turned, he was with another

customer and another man came to my car window. He said "I am the

manager here and what can I do for you", I said, "No the other guy

waited on me, and I asked him to," "Ma'am I am the manager here, I will

help you," I told him that my car now is whining and groaning upon

acceleration and I wanted to know what would cause that, He said "Do you

have your ticket", as I handed it to him, "what did we do here that

might cause that, I don't see anything that we did that might cause

that," "I figured you would say that," "Ma'am, if you are gonna yell at

me, I won't help you at all," So I reached out and grabbed my invoice

from his hands, and rolled up my window and left. As I was leaving, I

could hear him say, she's done, that's it, and she's done. Well my car

still whines and groans upon acceleration. The end the of the story, is I paid for a real mechanic to find out why

my car now whined and what was causing that. When the real mechanic

finished, it turned out Jiffy Lube left out the $33 air filter I paid

for out of the car, and left the lid open. So I went back to the

location and walked into the store office where they have waiting

clients, where I was lead the last time, and the obstinate manager met

me at the door, and pushed me out of the door. I stood my ground but he

continued to push me with that barrel belly of his, and pushed me out, I

said, what's wrong you don't want waiting clients to hear that you left

out parts that you charged me for. He said I am not doing s--t for you

if you are yelling at me. The conversation continued to lead to a

louder argument, I continued to demand he put in the air filter, and he

refused, asked to me leave, and then called police. So I told the

officers I wanted to charge him with assault, and they replied that it

would be my word against his. I said I would welcome the opportunity to

get this in front of someone else to hear my side of the story. So push

come to shove, the manager put in the filter, didn't shut the lid of my

car, and left. He even refused to tell me the owners name and address.

What manager does that. But I just called another Jiffy Lube and they

told me, and I called him explained the behavior of the manager of that

store. he was sympathetic, and in the end agreed to send me all the

money back and even the $35 for a real mechanic to look at my car for

diagnosis. I have never seen a manager act in this manner, ever. This

guy doesn't deserve to be in management of any kind. He knows nothing

of customer is most of the time right, or mediation or even of kindness

to listen and then try to solve the problem, whether is client is

yelling or not. OMG Jiffy lube advertises for a manager of their

stores, especially the one in Norman on Alameda, I googled it, and

salary is $1000 a week, sounds like one *** of a job. you don't have to

do much, just dial 9 1 1.

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So i went in to get an oil change on my car last week. I was told i needed to flush my power steering fluid, , change fuel filter, and trasmission flush as well.

When i got home i noticed the fuel filter was a bit oxidated and dirty. So they didnt change it.

I am now wondering if they actually flushed the transmission and power steering.

Above all, i checked my coolant and it is brown. It needs replacing badly. I wonder why they didn't NOTICE this needed to be changed.

Don't use the Alameda|12th Ave location in Norman. Actually dont go there at all.

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