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Jiffy lube is a joke !! I would not recommend jiffy lube to no one ..

I have been taking my cars to jiffy lube for a long time .. and the last time I took my car there was bad and its happen once before but I just blow it off hoping they would change but I guess I was wrong .. now I know the truth . I might be a female but I am not *** when it comes to my car .

Jiffy lube are nothing but liers jiffy lube should do what jiffy lube say on the paperwork instead of lieing and not doing the stuff but said yall did cause I am paying for that . Also when I called jiffy lube they said they would fix the problem just bring the car back so I did and they fixed it they also said they would give me a free oil change next time but when I bought my car down there for them to fix it the manager wasn't there so they said I have to come back for the coupon but they would fix what they didn't do so they did and then when I went back they told the manager nothing was wrong I should of took a picture knowing that yall lie but I didn't . ( my bad ) I will make sure my friends know about what jiffy lubes are and recommend them to stop going there and for them to tell everyone they know ..

I already posted my experience on Facebook !!! Also everytime I go to a jiffy lube there is never the same people working on your car and that is bad when people usually change there oil ever 3000 miles ..

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You Probably know nothing about your vehicle or how oil changes work.

The same people are NOT required to change your oil because we are NOT a mechanic shop.

- Jiffy lube Employee

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