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My car has been slipping out of gear lately so I received some advice from a friend that I should get a transmission oil change, clean the filter, and add some anti transmission slip stuff that is added while changing the oil. I brought it to jiffy lube where I explained to the oil tech what was happening and what I wanted.

So the tech tells me that all of that is included in a transmission service so I agreed.(new transmission oil, clean out filter, and add anti slip fluid with oil) So i waited watching what exactly they were doing to do thier "transmission service" and i have to say, i was very dissapointed. instead of what they called service i saw 3 guys stand around the hood and periodocally check my trans oil every 2 minutes like they were trying to kill time. when they had told me they were done I asked the tech that was working on the car exactly what he had done and he told me that the transmission oil was low so he added roughly 1.9 quarts of oil. thats it.

no cleaning of a oil filter, no adding anti slip stuff that i asked for, just topping off my oil. My Bill came out to 149.99 dollars 70.10 for labor and the rest for parts.

This whole service took a total of 5 minutes for this guy to top off my oil and i can't help but feel like I got screwed on this situation. I have no problem paying the man for the 5 minutes of his time and the 1.9 quarts of oil but everything else should be expunged from my bill.

Review about: Jiffy Lube Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #896879

I am late to this particular complaint, but I can tell you if they only spent 5 mins and added 1.9 quarts of transmission fluid, you did not get their transmission and filter combo service which is $169.99 btw. A base trans service the $149.99 one takes approximate 45 minutes to complete on most vehicles and longer on others.

To access the trans filter they have to remove the transmission pan and gasket. This can be a time consuming pain in the butt. The one thing they should have told you from the get go is that if you are experiencing any transmission problems a flush and filter change WILL NOT fix it.

Trans flushes are preventive in nature not remedial. You got took!

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