I just went in to Jiffy Lube yesterday to have my oil changed. I've been going there for years, well aware that they always try and sell me something I probably have no need for. I always politely decline the extras unless I personally already know I need something that I'm not able to do myself.

Yesterday though, I had a weird feeling that the time it took them to get my car into place, then call me out to try and sell me extras, and then have my car ready to go, just didn't "seem" to add up to enough time to change the filter and oil. I can't say for sure though.

I've always known they were scam artists, but I figured it was limited to selling *** that unsuspecting customers don't need. Can't help but wonder if they would go as far as to not even change the oil and filter. I'll have to go out there and see if the filter looks new. :(

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the shop I work at is very time efficiennt we have most cars out in ten minutes or less. We DO change the oil and filter, our crew is trained to do it as quickly as possible and verify that it was done correctly.

We also sign and date our oil filters. We dont make commision or push sells, we extend the courtesy of giving you your manufacturers reccomendations. They decide what when and how often you need something. You are bound to have a bad experience at ANY type of business.

If you are worried about being scammed, stand in the garage area and watch, check the air filters yourself, check the oil type in your owners manual. We make minimum wage, too little to attempt ripping you off and losing our jobs. Also engine flushes arent bad, so long as you do one on a newer engine, you are safe. Dont attempt one on an older engine with high mileage because it can damage your engine.Some employees just suck, thats true anywjere yiu go.

But I genuinely care to help.

Mind the spelling, im on my phone. -jiffy lube pa store 99N


*** defined as the following:

PVC valve replace, a transmission or engine oil flush (which is terrible for your vehicle), windshield wipers, brake fluid change, differential fluid "looks real bad" on vehicle with only 20,000 some miles and we could go on but don't have any more time for trolls like you.


What "***" are you talking about? Be specific, if the "***" is an air filter, then YOU are the ***. Be specific or stay away from here with your "speculations" of what sommeone might have done because you just "think" so.

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